André Read

Agents vs Villain


Sole Programmer on Agents vs Villain, a four-player game for Xbox One.

The game was released for Xbox One in 2018.



Winner Rising Star of the Year at Spillprisen 2015

Nominee Best Story at Spillprisen 2015

Lead Game Developer on Enki, a unique educational online game running on web browsers. It features avatar costumisation, crafting, and a leveling up system, and it's tailored for use in both classrooms and privately at home. The teacher has his or her own dashboard that interacts with the game, in which the teacher can communicate with and follow his or her pupils' progress.

I implemented the game client on top of ImpactJS, customising it for our needs. As an example, I integrated PixiJS with ImpactJS to achieve WebGL rendering, and I worked on making the game playable and ejoyable on all major modern web browsers for desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to game programming, I collaborated with the Art Director on all GUI and interaction designs, developed educational content, wrote dialogues and side stories, worked on level design, and collaborated on designing the crafting system.

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RGB for Logitech


Game Designer and Programmer on RGB, a game made specifically for Logitech's GWall. The wall consists of keyboards, where each key represents a pixel.

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Game Maker

Nominee Best Innovation at Spillprisen 2015

Nominee Best Sound Design at Spillprisen 2015

Game Programmer and Interaction Designer on BoOooo, an Android game about a ghost protecting his mansion from humans.

In addition to implementing the game, I worked with the Art Director on all GUI and interaction design, as well as publishing the game to Google Play.

Rowboat Simulator


Software Engineer for Oslo Fjord Museum, developing software for an interactive rowboat experience. In order to accomplish what we wanted, I had to learn about codecs, and synchronize several video files to imitate a higher resolution video. The video speeds up or down depending on your rowing abilities, and the rowboat plays random water splash sounds when you pull the oars. I also implemented a menu where you select the scene to row by pulling the oars.

N.E.F. Nevronus


Winner Best Idea for a contest held by the Norwegian Epilepsy Organisation

Programmer and Interaction Designer on N.E.F Nevronus, an educational web-based game that debunks myths about epilepsy in a fun and engaging way.

I implemented the game, ported it to Android and iOS with CocoonJS, and submitted it to Google Play and AppStore.

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Imal Lesing

Web Developer on Imal Lesing, an educational application for children to learn writing letters.

I implemented the client-side of the application as a Single Page Application for mobile devices.

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The following section is a collection of some of my game jamming.

The Fertile Crescent


Developer on The Fertile Crescent, an RTS game set in the ancient Near East.

This is my personal project, so I do all implementation and pixel art.

I blog about the game development here.

Rocket Billies


Finalist Norwegian Championship in Gameplay 2018

Programmer on Rocket Billies, a 3D game based on the theme Symmetry. Two players control their halves of a 50s rocket car, and have to work together in order to defeat the two other players.

Agents vs Villain

Game Maker

Winner Norwegian Championship in Gameplay 2015

Programmer on the prototype for Agents vs Villain, a game where three players compete against each other for glory and the fourth player controls the villain.

Since this prototype won Norwegian Championship of Gameplay, the team received a grant from the National Film Institute to further develop the concept.



Best Entry Norwegian Game Awards 2011

Game Designer and Programmer on RGB, a game about destroying red, green and blue aliens by using missiles of the same color.



Finalist Norwegian Championship in Gameplay 2014

Programmer on Spooked, the prototype for BoOooo.



Finalist Norwegian Championship of Gameplay 2012

Game Designer and Porgrammer on Gravity, a game about exploiting gravity with your limited amount of fuel to complete mission objectives.

This was a family project. My brother did the art work with MS Paint, while our dad did voice.

We received permission to use music from the Norwegian artist Philter.

A Burglar's Tale


Norwegian Championship of Gameplay 2013

Sole Developer on A Burglar's Tale, a 2D platformer about sneaking past goblins and trolls.

The idea for this game was inspired by the scenes of Moria Mines in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Sleeping goblins react on sound and wake each other up in a chain reaction.

I drew all animations frame-by frame. This was also my first attempt at implementing and using A* Pathfinding.

Defining Moments


Global Game Jam 2013

Notable Runner-up at Mozille Game On

Programmer on Defining Moments, Two Player Tetris.

I had read that you aren't a real game programmer until you've implemented a Tetris clone.

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Blind Development


Global Game Jam 2014

Programmer on Blind Development. I had no idea what the other team members were up to until an hour before deadline, when we quickly had to wrap everything together.

If you play, make sure to turn your speakers on.

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House of Puzzles


Global Game Jam 2012

Programmer on House of Puzzles, a top-down puzzle solving adventure.

All my team-mates were second-graders from Hedmark College University.

In 48 hours I implemented basic collision detection, a level editor, and three levels filled with puzzles. I was pretty happy with that at the time.



Level Design on CERN, an intense 8-16 players deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament 2004.

This map was inspired by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and their ATLAS experiment.

Screenshot UnrealED map 3 screensht
Screenshot UnrealED map 2



Third at The Gathering Game Dev compo 2010

Programmer on DefSys, a 3D strategy game developed for Xbox 360, about protecting our home planet with Earth's Orbital Defence System.

This was our Bachelor's Project at Hedmark College University in Experience Production and Interactive Medias.

Video shows work in progress.